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Cinema of Iran

The entry of the first cinematographic device to Iran in 1900 by Mozafar al-Din Shah is considered to be the beginning of Iran's cinema. The first Iranian cinema hall was launched in the same year (5 years after its worldwide invention by the Lumiere brothers), called "Cinema Sulli", founded by Catholics in Tabriz, but due to the lack of access to new films, it was closed in 1916. The first public cinema in Iran was opened by Mirza Ibrahim Khan Shahabashi in 1904. But the first official hall of Iranian cinema (Grand Cinema) was created in 1926 in Tehran. By the year 1930, no Iranian films were made, and a few cinemas were established to show Western films that sometimes had Persian subtitles.
There were 247 cinema halls in Iran in 2013, distributed in 60 Iranian cities. On Aug. 27, 2014, Kourosh Cineplex, the country's largest cinematic campus in Tehran, was launched with the release of Shahre Mousha 2. This cinema has been built with 14 halls from the 3rd to the 6th floor in commercial, cultural and recreational of Kourosh Complex with the investment of Golrang Industrial Group in four years and added 2,800 chairs to the capacity of the country's cinemas.

About Us

Kourosh Cineplex or, as you say, Kourosh Cinema, the largest Cineplex located on the 3rd-6th floor in Kourosh Mall, with the investment of the Golrang Industrial Group over four years.
16,000 square meters of Kourosh Complex has been allocated to 14 cinema halls of Kourosh Cineplex, which has added 3100 seats to the capacity of the country's cinemas. The movie theater, the VIP hall and the special theater hall have been featured with the best audio and video quality and are named after the old Lalezar cinemas. It also has a variety of restaurants, parking, and free internet access.

  1. The opening of the Kourosh Cineplex at the time of "Shahre Mosha 2" movie release

  2. A new record of Iranian cinema sales by Kourosh Cineplex

    - The 33th Fajr Film Festival was held for the first time in Kourosh Cineplex

    - Best Cinema of the 33th Fajr Film Festival

  3. Record of daily sales of Iranian cinema by Kourosh Cineplex with the amount of 2130 million Rials sales

    Selection of Kourosh Cineplex as the most audience-rich cinema of the 36th Fajr Film Festival

  4. Record of daily sales of Iranian cinema by Kourosh Cineplex with more than 2300 million Rials sales

  5. Holding the seventh South Korean Film Festival

    Record of daily sales of Iranian cinema by Kourosh Cineplex with more than 2530 million Rials sales

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The halls of Kourosh Cineplex are located at the 3rd to the 6th floor of Kourosh Complex, with a capacity of 186-400.

Multipurpose halls

Kourosh Cinema, with its Privileged and resourceful facilities, hosts events, seminars, festivals, and workshops. The Cineplex is equipped with 14 movie theaters with 3100 seats with different capacities. The VIP hall for specific guests such as managers and officials is the most suitable for the ceremony.

Features included:
  • Catering services
  • Professional audio and video equipment, in accordance with the latest standards in the world
  • 2000 car parking lot
  • Possibility to broadcast the teaser and the official online advertisement

A selection of events is as follows:
  • Holding a high-performance marketing and sales seminar in November 2016 with the presence of Brian Tracy
  • Conducting the Korean Cooking Championship Finals with Korean Ambassador and Korean Embassy Managers
  • Holding the first and most distinctive startup of the country
  • Conducting several management conferences
  • Marketing seminar and sales seminar by Dr. Nemazi for Taftan and Mahan Airlines
  • The First Folkloric, Kurdish and Persian Concerts by the Jical Group

Customer Club

Advantages are waiting for you

The Kourosh Cineplex customer club has been established with the aim of making a solid relationship with its regular companions and increasing the level of customer satisfaction. Every effort is made to progress in satisfying the customer’s needs thus, Kourosh Cineplex continues to provide top-notch services of distinctive and desirable value and provide maximum customer satisfaction. Customers are subscribed to the website and application, and buy Online Cinema Ticket and ranked in their gold, silver, bronze and blue levels.

Some of the benefits of Kourosh Cineplex Customer Club are as followings:

  • Private movie release invitations
  • Invitation for special events
  • Discount offers for purchasing
  • Free Fajr Festival Tickets


The Kourosh Cineplex halls are equipped with Panasonic laser lenses, D-Cinema and E-Cinema, and uses the Dolby System 5 to 1 for audio. Some venues have a theater stage and amphitheater system, and others have 3D playback capability.

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phone: +98-214701

KouroshMall, Payambar Street, Sattari Highway, Tehran, Iran